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ADT is a professionally installed and monitored security system that offers high end equipment. ADT has over 145 years of experience in the security industry; demonstrated with top of the line service, support, and technology. This system is for the customer that wants their security to be done by a professional and does not want to bother with “do it yourself” (DIY) installation. ADT currently offers different packages to customers accommodating different budgets and lifestyles.
Ring is a “do it yourself” (DIY) self monitored security system for users that like to control home devices over their phone. What sets this system apart from its competitors is its user-friendly app control. Ring’s app allows complete control of through a mobile device for FREE, eliminating monthly costs.
Arlo is a “do it yourself” (DIY) self monitored security system that focuses its security on cameras and monitoring. Alro provides the customers with easy set-up cameras for both indoor and outdoor use that can be monitored anywhere at any time.
Cove is the new up and coming “do it yourself” professionally monitored security system. Cove prides itself in providing easy to install high end hardware at an affordable price. This system is perfect for customers looking for a professional monitoring system for a lower cost.
Vivint is a professionally installed and monitored security system that offers high end equipment. What separates Vivint from its competitors is its ability to be customized to fit different lifestyles. Vivint offers the customer professionally installed equipment, while still giving them the ability to customize their systems.
Simplisafe is a “do it yourself” (DIY) professionally/self monitored security system for users that prefer controlling their security system with an in-home control panel over their smartphone. This system is a perfect mix between “do it yourself” systems and high end security systems, giving customers the 24/7 monitoring while eliminating the need for professional installation.
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Features ADT Vivint Cove Ring Arlo Simplisafe
Wifi Required        
Professionally Monitored  
Camera Compatible
Door, Window, Motion Sensors  
Alexa Integration  
Google Integration    
Video Backup Storage    
Monthly Plan Required
Equipment Financing    
Contracts Required        
Offered    Optional
* Some contracts not required if equipment is paid up front and can have money back guarantee
* Sytems that are professionally monitored can also be self monitored